Your Cat Magazine March 2022

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In this issue, we start a new series on therapy cats. We know how much cats improve our lives (when they’re not being cheeky like Ash) and felines who take up official roles as Pets As Therapy cats do incredible work that we’ll be exploring. But exactly what does it take to be a PAT cat? Find out on page 12 — it might just be a perfect role for your kitty!

On Sale: 10/02/2022

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What's in this Issue?

Another highlight is James Bowen’s column. Our brilliant new columnist opens his heart about how bringing more cats into his life has helped him cope with the loss of Street Cat Bob.

My final must read (well, I think it’s all a must read, but if I have to choose…) are the features on feline sleep. As with humans, sleep is so important so make sure your cat is getting the snooze they need!

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