Your Cat October 2021

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This month, I spoke to Jennifer Berezai from AdvoCATS about a campaign to help people who rent properties be able to keep cats. The aim is to change the law to protect landlords and tenants so that the dream of owning a pet can become a reality for millions of renters. It’s a brilliant campaign, organised by people who are driven by the desire to help people and cats. 

On Sale: 15/09/2021

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The change in the law would mean that there is an adequate insurance in place for landlords if a pet caused significant damage — this currently isn’t permitted by law. Just imagine how many more potential homes there would be for cats in rescue centres. Please read the feature on page 20 as your support could help change the landscape of cat ownership in this country. 

The whole issue is packed as ever, so I hope that you find more stories that touch your heart and advice that helps life with your kitty. 

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