Your Cat Magazine October 23

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So many incredible stories this month, from Zebby the National Cat of the Year (p8), to the uplifting new cat café in the Gaza Strip (p42). Both tales reflect the same message – how lucky we are to live with cats. Cats help our mental wellbeing, enrich our lives and we are blessed to share our homes with them. A special congratulatory note to Eve and Simon Davies at ProtectaPet who recently received the King’s Award for Enterprise (p10). Not every cat (or location) is suitable for full outdoor access and ProtectaPet’s innovative fencing allows for a safe garden space. We’re so pleased your dedication has been recognised.

On Sale: 14/09/2023

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Along with an unusual business enterprise (p26), a conversation centred on poo (p48), the beautiful Bengal (p30) and top tips for a multi-cat household (p52), we have an action-packed magazine this month and without further ado, please use the magazine as an opportunity go put the kettle on and enjoy the read. After all, if cats are the best wellbeing therapy, then reading about them must be a close second.  ps. look out for next month’s issue — it’s a Halloween special!