Your Cat September 2021

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It feels very special to bring you an interview with James Bowen this month. When Street Cat Bob died, many of you wrote to us to say that you felt we hadn’t covered the story enough. The truth is that we’ve been trying incredibly hard to speak to James but, understandably, it was all too raw. Their stories are so intertwined that we felt the only truly fitting way to pay tribute to a cat who stole the heart of millions was by hearing from his best friend. 

On Sale: 13/08/2021

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What's in this Issue?

With the unveiling of a stunning new statue of Bob, we caught up with James as he opened up about the loss and legacy of the cat who saved his life. It’s a powerful interview as it’s clear James is still dealing with the grief but he was determined to create a lasting memorial to Bob. When you see the pictures in the feature, I am sure you will agree that it does justice to Street Cat Bob’s incredible life.  

Before their story was an international sensation, James and Bob featured in Your Cat and I suspect many of our long-time readers (and our more recent subscribers too!) will want to visit Bob’s statue in person. 

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