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I think one of the many reasons we love our cats is that they keep us on our toes. They have independent personalities and continue to do things that surprise or even baffle us. This month’s lead feature delves into some of those behaviours that appear to make no sense. Why crawl into that tiny box? Or lie all over my keyboard? It’s a brilliant read and will give you a little more insight into these fantastic creatures we share our lives and homes with. The great thing is, once you’ve read the feature and understood these behaviours, you know there will be hundreds more cats will do to keep confusing you!

On Sale: 11/08/2022

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We also want to hear from you this issue! Well, we always want to hear from you with your stories and pics, but for something in particular this month — the Your Cat Product Awards 2023. We want you to tell us what you think are the best cat products on the market.  The long-running awards are a staple of the pet industry and it’s a real badge of honour for a product to be endorsed by genuine cat lovers. You can cast your vote online or using the postal form on page 33. 

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