The Cat Personality Test

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Part six: how contented is your cat?

A happy cat often means a happy home! Dr Lauren Finka’s quiz helps you assess how content your cat really is.

Good cat well-being is one of the most crucial ingredients in your harmonious cat-human relationship. Every responsible cat parent will obviously want their cat to be as contented and happy as possible. The overall well-being of your cat will depend on a range of variables including their personality, experiences, environment, physical health, and mental state.

Early signs of stress in cats can be easily missed. While some pet cats may tend to be extremely vocal about how they’re feeling, for others, the most obvious signs of their discomfort might be a very slight change to their usual routine or them becoming a little quieter than usual.

The following quiz should help you to better understand what to look out for and gauge how your cat is generally faring. Of course, if you’re ever in any doubt as to whether your cat might be unwell (either mentally or physically), a trip to the vet’s is always recommended; perhaps then followed up by a visit from a suitably qualified cat behaviour counsellor.



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