The Cat Personality Test

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Part one: your cat’s attitude towards humans

Just like in humans, a cat’s underlying personality will shape the way they think and feel about the world, and the types of behavioural characteristics they display. For example, some cats are inherently more cautious and wary of novelty, while others are much more bold, brazen, and eager to investigate. Some cats will enjoy social interactions with humans and/or other cats, while others prefer their own company. Some cats are extremely predatory or playful, while others might prefer to quietly watch the world go by, from the comfort of their favourite spot in the sun.

Of course, understanding our cat’s character and what this means in terms of their likes, dislikes, and specific needs is at the heart of good pet parenting. This level of understanding is integral to ensuring that each cat has a good level of well-being when in our care. Indeed, this approach is at the core of much of the research, consultancy, and science communication work that I undertake. It was also the inspiration for my book ‘The Cat Personality Test’ from which the following series of mini-quizzes have been adapted.

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While most of us will feel we know our cats better than anyone, it is hoped that these quizzes will help to get us thinking a little more specifically about how our cats behave in several common scenarios, what this means about their individual characters, and what we can do to ensure maximum cat contentment. Over the next issues of Your Cat, we will explore several key cat characteristics in turn, each time with a set of light-hearted but science-informed questions, a score breakdown, and some key advice points.

In this test, we are focusing on how sociable your cat is towards you and how comfortable they feel in your presence. These are some of the most important characteristics to consider because they are likely to influence the quality of your relationship as well as your cat’s specific needs concerning interactions with you (and other people).