7 Most Popular Cat Breeds To Know About


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25 August 2022
Cats are adorable pets that are easy to keep at home. There are different breeds, and some are more popular than others. If you are a cat lover, there are many things you should consider before buying or adopting one. Check out the 7 most popular cat breeds across the world you should know about.

1. Siamese

The Siamese cat breed originated in Thailand and has distinct markings known as points. These are areas of coloration found on the ears, face, tail, and feet. The two common varieties of Siamese cats consist of a chubbier body and an apple-shaped head. The body is slender, and the cats are intelligent.  

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2. British Shorthair

The cats that belong to this breed are not very big but are affectionate. Additionally, the grey British shorthair cat is extremely pleasant and is one of the most loved shorthair breeds because of its intelligence and affectionate nature. Its short and plush coat of hair makes it attractive. They are also extremely playful and friendly with children. 

3. Maine Coon

This cat is known for its thick fur and large stature, which makes it a gentle giant. You cannot ignore this attractive cat. These purebred cats are great hunters which makes them popular. They also have extra toes, and this makes their feet bigger. This feature gives the cat an added advantage when hunting in the snow.

4. Chartreux 

These cats are common in France, but they are also found in other countries. They are muscular and have thin legs. The appearance of these cats has earned them some funny names. The cats have blue or gray shorthair coats. They are known for orange or copper eyes. Additionally, they are easy-going which makes them good friends.

5. Korat

Korat cats mainly come in the color gray. They are small and weigh about 6 to 10 pounds when they reach maturity. When the Korats are still young, they begin with golden eyes that develop into amber when they become older. The eyes will change to peridot green as the cats grow up.

6. Devon Rex

Devon Rex cats have soft, wavy, and short hair. They also have enormous ears and slender bodies which make them different from other breeds. This cat is active and playful which makes it a perfect companion. You will admire this cat because of its sweet disposition. Additionally, the cats are trainable and capable of learning new tricks.

7. American Shorthair

The American shorthair cat has short ears and a round face. This breed is intelligent and often mistaken for other domestic mixed breeds. However, this is a pure breed whose original name was a domestic shorthair cat. It was changed in 1966 to differentiate the cats. The American Shorthair is a great companion to children and other pets because of its gentle nature. 

Cats are good pets you can easily stay with within your home. To enjoy the best experience with a cat, you must choose the breed that suits your needs. There are several types of breeds, so you must first check the parents to understand their temperament and attitude. It is essential to shop around before buying a cat.  


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