Are you still worming with tablets?


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11 June 2020
We all know that giving cats tablets can be a struggle, but we want to help protect them from any pesky parasites they might pick up!

Introducing Dronspot®, the fuss-free spot-on worming solution – no tablets required! It starts fighting worms with a single spot and means you don’t have to coax your cat to take a tablet.

Regularly worming your pets reduces the risk to you and your family, and protects your pet’s health. You might not even know your cat has worms because symptoms aren’t always easy to spot, and even if your cat isn’t showing any obvious signs of a worm infection, they would be much happier and healthier without a parasitic worm living in their gut.

Dronspot® treats every type of intestinal worm commonly found in UK cats – roundworm, hookworm and tapeworm – in a simple spot-on formulation. The solution is applied, via a pipette, to the back of your cat’s neck (at the base of their skull). Fast and effective worming that’s easy to administer.

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Available in three sizes, small, medium and large cat, and suitable for kittens and adult cats from 6 weeks of age, so you can help keep them protected from worms at all stages of your cat’s life.

It is recommended that an adult cat is treated for intestinal worms at least once every three months. However, there may be situations when more frequent treatment is necessary. Dronspot can be purchased without a prescription, but if you are unsure you can speak to your vet regarding suitable worming frequency for your cat’s lifestyle.

You can buy Dronspot fuss-free spot-on wormer from pet stores and online, find out more and where to buy here.

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