Author Nick Harding tells us how he went from felinophile to cat lover!


12 December 2018
We speak to Nick Harding about the inspiration behind his book 'A Tale of Two Kitties', and when he first realised he'd gone from confirmed dog-lover to official Crazy Cat Man.

Here's what Nick had to say when we spoke to him about his book...

Q) What is the inspiration behind ‘A Tale of Two Kitties’?

I wanted to write a book that would appeal to everyone, not just cat lovers, and that illustrates the humour, warmth and sometimes the heartache that happens when we open our homes and our lives to pets. As I went on my cat journey, I got involved in so many situations and met so many people with fascinating stories that the book just took shape around my life. And frankly, my cats Alvin and Barry were such characters I wanted to immortalise them on the written page.

Q) When did you first realise you were officially a crazy cat man?

I was at home with my first cat, Alvin, one evening. My wife was away working. We were watching TV in front of the log fire and we'd just eaten sprats for tea. My wife called, asked what I was up to and I told her about our cosy evening in alone. She laughed her head off and said I was like a stereotypical spinster from the 1950s. I think that was the moment when I realised I'd gone from felinophile to cat lover.

Q) Give us your best cat fact!

It amazes me that cats have evolved the ability to meow specifically to communicate with humans because we can't communicate through the normal feline channel of scent. Cats are like Dr Dolittle, but in reverse.

Q) Do you think you will write a sequel?

I like the idea of taking a gap year with my cat Barry and going travelling with him. That would make a fun book. I'm not sure how much he'd enjoy staying in hostels though.

Q) Describe your cat in just three words.

Impulsive, soppy, intellectually-challenged.

Q) Why should people buy ‘A Tale of Two Kitties’?

Because you will laugh, you will cry, you may learn a thing or two, and mainly because you'll really enjoy it. And for every copy sold, Barry gets a Dreamie.

About the book

A Tale of Two Kitties' is a love story… Boy meets girl, boy loves girl, girl loves cats. Told in his inimitably humorous style, this big-hearted story follows the confirmed dog-loving, cat-hating, feline-allergy-suffering writer as he becomes a passionate pussy aficionado… courtesy of two of the world’s most mischievous moggies, Alvin and Barry. It’s a memoir, an escapade, an anthology and a social, natural and cultural history that takes the reader on a romp through our cat planet.

Get your copy of the book, and ensure Barry gets his deserved amount of Dreamies HERE.