Cat-ching up with... Insta cats Willow and Faith


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28 October 2021
We speak to owner Samantha Parker from Weston-Super-Mare, about her two rescue kitties, Willow and Faith.

Instagram name: @willow_and_faith

Followers: Nearly 8,000.

Names: Willow and Faith.

Age: Estimated between 2 — 4. 

Favourite treat: Willow: anything. Faith: Vets Kitchen little hearts. 

Favourite things to do: Sleeping and bird watching in the catio.

Favourite toys: Willow: Feather on a stick (dangly toy). Faith: pink pompom.  

Q) Tell us of how Willow and Faith came into your life, and why you decided to adopt them both. 

A) The girls came into our lives in January 2020 after my husband and I saw them on the RSPCA website, under the names Brie and Cheddar. We had sadly lost our ginger boy the previous year and, although not 100 per cent sure if we were ready, when we saw the girls on there, we knew we had to meet them. 

Q) Did it take them long to settle into their new home? 

A) We had set up a room just for them to allow them to get used to the smells and sounds of our house, with beds, litter boxes, a cat tree, and toys in there. Faith was having none of it — as soon as she was out of her cat box, she had investigated the room and was straight to the door wanting to check out the rest of the house. Willow spent more time in the cat tree boxes but within a week, she had found her feet (and our bed) and took ownership of every food bowl she could find. 

Q) Why did you decide to create an Instagram account for them and what do you think makes them so popular?

A) Quote from my husband: ‘Because they is bootiful!’ Haha! 

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I had previously set up an account for our ginger boy Bruce, which staff from the centre had followed so we set one up for the girls for similar reasons. It’s a great way to share what the girls are up to with family and friends. 

I take so many photos I’m never short of pictures to post! It’s also a great way to find small independent businesses for items such as cat toys and treats. 

We never expected the number of followers on the girls’ account, but it’s great to see people enjoying their photos and antics. We always try to engage with those following and any comments and messages that are sent. 

Q) They look like a cheeky pair, especially Faith! What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever caught them doing?

A) They both like to walk over whatever diamond painting I’m currently working on and leave fur stuck to it! 

Both girls are indoor cats but during lockdown my husband built them a catio so they can enjoy the sunshine and fresh air without me worrying about them on the road outside our house. One evening, Faith managed to do a Houdini and got out of the catio. I spent over an hour wandering the streets in the dark calling for her. 

I acquired about seven other cats who joined me on my wander, only to find her sat on the garden wall shouting at me to let her back in. 

Willow has a habit of getting onto the window ledge above our bed in the morning. Unfortunately, she has to use our heads to get onto it as she is not the greatest at jumping. Such a lovely way to be woken up in the morning! 

Q) Describe Willow and Faith in just three words each…

A) Willow: Foodie, playful, chatty.

Faith: Adventurous, fussy, early-bird.

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