Cat-ching up with Instagram cat Luigi


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16 November 2021
We speak to owners Aimee Scott and Jack Bennett, from Manchester, about their mini panther Luigi.

Instagram name: @_luigithecat_

Followers: Nearly 2,000.

Name: Luigi.

Age: Six.

Favourite treat: Webbox Tasty Sticks — he goes mad for them!

Favourite thing to do: He likes to hide and jump out at you as you walk past!

Favourite toy: Anything he can chase — bits of string or ribbon. Often the simplest things are his favourite toys.


Q) Tell us the story of how Luigi came into your life and where the name came from?

A) We had recently bought our first house and just felt like something was missing. We follow our local RSPCA Facebook page and spotted that Luigi was up for adoption and had been for a while. We instantly fell in love with him and started the ball rolling straight away. We visited him at the shelter where we learned more about his past and how he’d unfortunately lost one of his front canines. He immediately jumped on our laps — we knew then he was a perfect match for us. Luigi was the name given to him by the RSPCA and we loved it!

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Q) Did it take Luigi long to settle into his new home with you, and how has he changed your life?

A) The first few days were certainly a bit nervy. On his first day here, he hid behind the sofa for nearly seven hours! After a week or two though, he started to settle down and found his voice! He realised that this was his new forever home and quickly became very loving and affectionate with us.

He has changed our lives massively. He is super affectionate, playful, and most of all hilarious. He does the funniest things and always puts a smile on our faces.

Q) We all know that, sadly, black cats take the longest to find their forever homes. What would you say to anyone who is unsure of black cats?

A) Just give them a chance — all cats deserve a loving home and black cats are no different. Luigi is a fantastic companion to have around. He is so affectionate and playful, and let’s face it, he’s an absolutely stunning cat!

Q) He looks like a cheeky boy! What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever caught him doing?

A) He is a very cheeky boy! One time, Jack came home from work and had left a sandwich in his bag. We’d completely forgotten about it until the next morning when we saw chewed up bits of sandwich everywhere and a very guilty looking Luigi.

Another time was a few weeks after he came to live with us, we caught him rummaging through the rubbish after knocking the kitchen bin over — and we immediately ordered a heavier, Luigi-proof bin!

Q) If Luigi could talk, just for one day, what do you think he would say to you?

A) He’s a very nosey boy and is always close by whenever we’re preparing food, or doing DIY or any housework. We think he’d just constantly ask us where we’re going, what we’re doing, where are his treats, and when is it time for dinner?

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