Cat-ching up with... Instagram cat Winston Purrchill


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28 September 2021
Your Cat finds out all about Instagram sensation Floppy Cat Winston!

Instagram name: @floppycatwinston

Followers: Over 1,500.

Name: Winston Purrchill.

Age: Over six months old.

Favourite treat: Pickle’s Crunchy Filled Treats Chicken.

Favourite thing to do: Chasing people’s feet!

Favourite toy: Either the Catit Senses Circuit or his squeaky mouse toy.

Q) You’ve had Winston since March of this year, tell us the story of how he ended up coming home with you.

A) This is a funny story! Originally, we wanted to get a puppy because we love the loyalty of dogs, their friendly nature, and the fact that they love cuddles. However, because of circumstances, it would not be fair for us to get a puppy at this time. Instead, we got to researching types of animals with similar characteristics and traits to those of a dog, and voila, top of the list: a Ragdoll cat!

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We discovered, after hours of research, that a Ragdoll cat is also loyal, kind natured, and adores lots of cuddles; this was exactly what we had been searching for. We did some digging and found a certified Ragdoll breeder who had one final male Ragdoll kitten in need of a home. It felt like it was meant to be!

Q) What made you decide to set up his own Instagram account, and what is the meaning behind the name ‘Floppy Cat Winston’?

A) We decided to set up an Instagram account for Winston because we thought he was just too cute and handsome to not be shared with the world!

We also thought that having a social media page for Winston would allow us to look back at all our pictures of him and see how he has grown up from when he first came home. It’s amazing how quickly kittens grow and change, so the fact that we have documented his journey through posts on Instagram means we can reminisce!

We decided to call our kitten Winston because we just loved the name; it has a sense of old English charm about it! When we were looking for an available Instagram handle for Winston, we quickly realised he wasn’t the only cat on Instagram with the name Winston. During our Ragdoll research, we saw a website describe this breed as floppy cats (because Ragdoll cats go floppy when picked up) so,we put the two names together and ended up with FloppyCatWinston.

Q) He looks like such a cheeky  kitten, what’s the naughtiest thing he’s done so far?

A) Cheeky is an understatement! Winston definitely has a lot of personality and confidence, which can be very charming, but also can lead to him being a little naughty sometimes! The naughtiest thing Winston has done is literally eat a piece of homework (really!). Milly had started a new job shortly after bringing Winston home and she was given a very important paper document to read through. When Milly had her back turned, Winston took the opportunity to begin eating the document! Luckily, Milly managed to salvage the majority of the document, but not before Winston had bitten through the first few pages!

Q) Describe Winston in just three words…

A) Cutie. Cheeky. Chunky.

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