Catit Senses range review


17 December 2018
Catit Senses range offer both funky design and cat stimulation in a series of cat products that allows you to build your own pack!

 Finding cat toys, scratchers or environment enhancers for cats can be quite tricky sometimes, especially if you're after something that looks good, as well as performs well. 

The Catit Senses range might be the answer. These cat products are both stylish and fit for function, and reasonably priced too. 

The cat feeder (the Senses 2.0 Food Tree) is designed to stimulate natural hunting behaviour as well as slow down mealtimes. The cat has to work for his food and Binx, our cat tester, loved fishing out his kibble. 

The great thing about the Catit range is that it all connects together and it’s entirely up to you how to design it. The Play Circuits in particular are flexible to allow your cat to paw a ball along the track. When you first see one, you might wonder whether your cat would be interested, but for our cat tester, this was probably his favourite element of the Catit Senses range. 

The Wellness Centre is another where at first glance you might wonder what’s in it for the cat? But Catit know their stuff! Comprising of a soft cushion, and areas to allow a cat a body massage and a good groom, our tester loved it! As with all the Catit range, it looks built to last. 

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The Catit Flower Fountain is a pretty little addition to any home, and if your cat prefers drinking from fresh flowing water, this is a decent, easy to maintain fountain. The pump is relatively silent and holds 3l of water. 

Next, the Oval Scratcher. Our cat tester loves cardboard scratchers and this one has the bonus of a being able to fit with the Play Circuit. He really went to town with this! 

Catit also has a vertical scratcher with replaceable disks, to keep kitty off your sofa and chairs. 
Fully functional, great design, fun, funky and cat friendly, Catit products get the thumbs up from us. Watch the full video review here:  


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