Christmas is coming...


11 October 2021
Check out these perfect gift ideas for cat lovers and their cats!


Pet Trade Innovations

SLEEP AND GO — all in one bed and transporter for your cats and kittens. Provides pets with their own personal space to stay comfortable, safe, and stress free at home and on the go! Sleep & Go is a convertible bed and carrier for cats and small dogs up to 22lbs.

  • PRICE: £49.99.

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DISCOVER FREESTYLE FROM OMLET — a floor to ceiling, completely customisable cat tree system, available with a wide range of premium, fun accessories, including replaceable cat scratchers, hammocks, and dens.

  • PRICE: Choose a starter kit from £118.99.
  • WHERE TO BUY: Visit to design your cat tree.

Pet Munchies

NATURAL CAT TREATS — Eating delicious food is one of the highlights of the Christmas holidays for owners, so it is only right our cats get to enjoy tasty treats too! Pet Munchies cat treats are award winning, with the premium-quality range of 100 per cent natural, gourmet, freeze-dried cat treats being made from the finest ingredients. Coming in three flavours of gourmet fish fillet, gourmet chicken liver, and gourmet beef liver, the treats are hypoallergenic, easily digestible, and are healthy too — they are packed with vitamins and minerals, including omega 3, antioxidants, calcium, and selenium.

  • PRICE: from £1.45 a pack.
  • SAVE 15%: Use code PMYRC15, valid unti 31.12.21
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