Cute kitten photos could help boost concentration


05 November 2012
If you've got the Monday blues and you're finding it hard to focus after a hectic weekend, we just might be able to help! A study by researchers from a university in Japan have found that looking at photographs of cute animals can improve concentration - no wonder we're so efficient here at Your Cat HQ! It is believed that positive emotion is triggered by cute images, and anything that gives a person happiness, pleasure or joy results in motivation.

CutekittensStudents with pictures of puppies and kittens had an increase in performance by an average of ten per cent! Adult animal pictures only improved performance by an average of five per cent, and food pictures had no effect on performance.

The research suggests that the cute pictures can motivate people to perform tasks with greater time and care.

So here they are - some of the cutest kitten photos we could find! We suggest you bookmark this page so next time you need a concentration boost your 'cute fix' is just a mouse click away.

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