Find the perfect present for your feline friend


Editor's Picks
10 November 2021
Looking for a present for your cat this Christmas? These are sure to be a big hit with your pet!

Gift box

The Santa Paws Gift Box is back this Christmas and it’s bigger than ever! A selection of products from big brands like My Pets, Dreamies, Webbox, and My Cat Grass. The box includes a cat suitable Christmas dinner and treats, festive toys, stocking fillers, and My Cat Grass for your cats’ health. Your cat will have the best Christmas ever!

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Donut cat bed

Upgrade your cat’s bedtime with the Maya Donut Cat Bed from Omlet. Soft to touch, warm and cuddly, no cat will be able to resist the divine feeling of sinking into this deep, squishy marshmallow bed of dreams. Available in two colours with optional designer feet.

Puzzle feeder

Rainy day fun for curious cats! Engage your cat’s natural hunting instincts with the new Level 3 puzzle Rainy Day Puzzle & Play from Nina Ottosson by Petstages. Cats bat at the pegs and swivel the rain drops to uncover hidden treat compartments. Use with treats or food.

All-in-one bed and carrier

Sleep & Go is a convertible bed and carrier for cats, and small dogs up to 22 lbs. The all-in-one bed and transporter for your cats and kittens provides pets with their own personal space to stay comfortable, safe, and stress free at home and on the go!


Honeysuckle toys

Twice awarded Best Cat Toy in the prestigious Your Cat Magazine Product Awards, Honeysuckle Cat Toys offers unique cat toys made from Tatarian Honeysuckle wood. These completely natural toys provide wonderful enrichment for all cats, young and old, and are a great alternative to catnip. Created by Mother Nature, enjoyed by cats!

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