Fireworks don't just affect our pets!


01 October 2015
Recent research on firework fears and noise sensitivities has revealed that it's not just our pets that these big bangs affect - but that over 80 per cent of owners worry about their pet so much during fireworks season that they do not leave their house as frequently.?The research, conducted by Ceva Animal Health (manufacturer of FELIWAY? for cats), has also highlighted the worrying effects that fireworks have on our pets. 50 per cent of those questioned stated that their pet trembles and shakes while fireworks are going off, 62 per cent said their pet hides away, 34 per cent said their pet clings to its owner and 23 per cent that try to run away.

Despite the traumatic effects, over a quarter of people do not put preparations in place during the firework season to help their pet cope with fireworks.

During the firework season owners are always advised to keep their cats indoors. This can be quite a change in routine for some cats, and confinement to the home can cause cats to become upset and show unwanted behaviours such as urine marking, inter-cat tension and vertical scratching. ?

However, if owners put the correct provisions in place for their cat, they can help their feline friend cope all the better. Things like providing enough litter trays and making sure there are enough safe places for your kitty to escape to make all the difference. Safe places are often high up, for example on the tops of cupboards, but can also be under a bed or, as we all know cats love them so much, in a box.?

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Once your cat has found his safe spot for the night, leave him alone and do not try to coax him out, as this refuge is where he will feel most secure.

Plugging a calming pheromone diffuser such as Feliway into the room where your cat spends most of his time or where his safe place is, at least 48 hours before the festivities begin, will help to ensure he feels as safe and secure as possible. There are also calming sprays available which can be applied to a cat's bedding on the night of the event to provide additional support.