Five key essentials for an ideal litter box (and a happy cat)


05 July 2021
Summer is here and whilst we all want to enjoy warmer days with our cats, it is important to understand how the heat affects our pet’s litter trays. Keeping the litter tray odour free and hygienic is key to your cat’s health as well as making a pleasant home environment.

At Sanicat we have 60 years of experience of making high quality litters, so we know a thing or two about choosing the right products for you and your cat.  Here are our top tips for giving your cat the best experience:

1. Location

The tray should be placed in an isolated and quiet place. Keep the tray away from a doorways and walkways if possible. Try to separate it from areas where your cat eats or sleeps.

2. Choosing the right-sized litterbox

The size of the litterbox should be big enough to allow your cat to fit in but also to turn around comfortably. If the size of the tray is not comfortable, they may stop using it.

3. Cat litter amount and consistency

The consistency of the cat litter should be a loose-grained material. The amount of litter you use is important - thick enough for the cat to dig in and cover its feces. The ideal amount for cats is 3 inches which is a deep enough layer to absorb liquids, odours and cover solids.

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4. Choosing the right litter: what should it look like and other factors to consider?

Natural-looking litter: The colours of the litter should have a soft, natural appearance. Steer away from strong-coloured litters that have an artificial appearance and go for the cream-coloured as the 100% natural and recycled litters that we developed at Sanicat:

  • Classic range is the best natural solution for consumers who prefer a litter that does not require daily maintenance and prefer to change all content when it’s dirty
  • Clumping range is ideal for owners who love to have a clean home with a little regular maintenance and outstanding long-lasting performance, keeping the litter box clean.
  • Plant-Based Litter is for owners who are looking for environmentally friendly solutions without compromising on hygiene.
  • Odour control: It is important that the litter absorbs odours well enough for the cat to feel comfortable in it. There are products, such as Sanicat's Advanced Hygiene which are extra absorbent and are guaranteed to last up to 30 days.

5. Cleaning the tray

It is essential that the litter box is cleaned on a regular basis.  This helps our cats maintain their hygiene habits, develop their elimination instinct properly, as well as their routine of inspecting, sniffing, scratching, depositing and burying.

At Sanicat, like you, we are cat owners and always look for the best for our four-legged companions. A well-kept litter box will have a happy cat and owner who knows their pet is living in ideal conditions and the best (of his nine) lives.  Visit for more great tips and information.


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