Gus and Bella subscription and gift box review


09 November 2021
James Buzzel (and his two cats Binx and Uma) review a Christmas edition subscription and one-off gift box from Gus And Bella…

My box arrived at home, all neatly packaged and wrapped with care. The cats (Binx and Uma) were all over it from the start! Inside, lots of goodies, including a lovely high quality soft bed blanket that Binx took an immediate liking to! Uma, however, couldn’t resist the homemade Christmas tree toy (catnip induced!) – it’s a nice touch to see gifts included in the box supporting Etsy sellers and crafters… it also means the box is unique to the everyday items in supermarkets. It was well-made by a brand called 'Meow Avenue' and has stood the ‘Uma claw test’!

You can get yours!  

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Other items included a unique and lovely tea coaster, designed by UK illustrator, Camille Medina, plus a popcorn treat and candy kittens for me! The box also included a unique, handmade felt cat Christmas decoration, perfect for hanging on this year’s tree. Plus, there was plenty left for the cats, including a generous pouch of ‘Catit Nuna, bug protein based kibble’, a complete dry food made from sustainable sources. Both cats ate this like their standard kibble. 'Also some tasty Gourmet Revelations tasty mousse cat food with cascading gravy, which the cats can tuck into on Christmas Day! Along with, finally, some Dentalife cat treats. So plenty for both cats and humans to enjoy.

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A really lovely box, and a great surprise to receive for the cats. It certainly brightened up their evening!