Happy International Cat Day: here are the worst things a cat has done to a human


04 August 2021
You can either be a cat or dog person. But while dogs are just adorable, cats have an attitude. Even the most dedicated cat lover will agree. Not only are cats true enigmas, but people cannot stop searching up their feline friends, with questions such as, ‘are cats scared of cucumbers’ and ‘why cats are better than dogs’.

With searches for ‘why do cats push things off tables’ and ‘why do cats scratch furniture’ risen by 1500% in the last 12 months and the nation’s biggest searches around cats being about ‘can cats see ghosts’ and ‘why do cats bring you dead animals’, thortful.com wanted to collect the weirdest, funniest and most alarming stories about what a cat did to a human. 

Cats have proven once and again they believe themselves to be the most superior creatures on earth. Where dogs believe us to be their masters, cats look at us and think of themselves as our masters. We feed them, water them, even groom and love them, but by no means does it result in our feline friends being grateful. So here are some of the top stories that will make you laugh, cry or at least relate:

  • My cat pushed my £98 La Mer foundation off the table - don’t think I’ll be getting anything back on the insurance.
  • My cat farts when I pick him up.  
  • If I don’t lock my cat out of the room, she will stare at me while I’m having an intimate time with my husband. Creepy.
  • My cat licks my hair when I sleep.
  • My cat will sleep on my chest every night, even in a heatwave. As a thank you he once threw up on my face.
  • My cat will jump in the car when I go to work and once I actually drove all the way to the office before noticing 
  • My cat likes to attack my feet at night. Needless to say I sleep with the door closed now.
  • My cat hid and slept for 3 straight days and nights in the closet. I even put flyers out to find her. I was so worried!
  • My cat will chase you and bite you if you are wearing shorts, so yeah summer is a tough month in my house.
  • One of my cats likes to climb into my elderly neighbours bathroom to scare the life out of her.

Regardless of their behaviour, cats remain in our houses and our hearts as our furry-friends. We just cannot seem to live without them and their cruel humour. So, to celebrate this unusual relationship, here are the cat cards that a human bullied by their cats would most certainly appreciate it: https://www.thortful.com/cards/cat. Happy International Cat Day!