Health benefits of a good automatic litter box


08 December 2020
We all love having pets. Considering how these furry companions bring nothing but love and warmth into our lives, a feline or canine friend can give you a sense of responsibility and purpose in your life. There are some jobs though that cat owners don’t particularly enjoy, including changing the litter. Yet the last thing you want is to be greeted by a foul smell at the front door after a long way at work.

Thanks to today’s advanced petcare technology, however, that shouldn’t be a problem. An automatic litter box spares you the agony of scooping pet poop manually each time your furry darling defecates. These litter boxes are created to include sensors that trigger a self-cleaning process once the pet has left the litter box.

Here are some of the most prominent benefits of a good automatic litter box.

1. Less Contact with Pet Waste

When you have to clean after your pet’s poop manually, you are exposed to unhygienic conditions, pesky ammonia fumes, and nasty smells. The poop could also harbor bacteria and other unpleasant microbes and parasites. It gets even worse if you have kids, and they come into contact with the waste. In a recent article on the 20 Best Automatic Litter Box for Self Cleaning (2020 Reviews) - Petsho, Leigh says that these gadgets do more than just saving time and adding convenience. Most importantly, they minimize or eliminate your contact with pet faeces as a parent. Therefore, an automatic litter box improves hygiene and air quality in your home.

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2. Your Pet Is Clean and Healthy

When changing or cleaning the litter box, we are inclined to touch the waste less and may sometimes fail to effectively clean the litter box. This means that the cat will be living in a dirty place and may risk getting ill from living in unhygienic conditions. Since they are interacting with you and other pets in the household, you are all at risk of catching infections from your pet if they fall sick. Automatic litter boxes keep your pet clean and hygienic so that everyone is protected from unnecessary ailments.

3. Prevention of Common Diseases

As mentioned earlier, coming into contact with pet waste¸ especially cat waste can subject you and your family to various harms. Several diseases are associated with exposure to pet waste, some of which include:

  • Cat scratch disease - this is caused by an organism called Bartonella hensela. It is more common among outdoor cats and can be transmitted to people when handling a litter box.
  • Salmonella - this illness is not transmitted only from eating uncooked meat. It can be transmitted through contact with animal faeces or, in this case, a dirty litter box.
  • Toxoplasmosis - the disease is caused by coming into contact with cat waste and has fever-like symptoms.

Automatic litter boxes provide a better, healthier, and more convenient solution to handling pet litter. They provide many health benefits to the pet and the parent. The above are just a few of them.