Her Special Boy


14 January 2022
Cathy has a special bond with rescue cat Morris — but can she help him find his forever home? A short story by Esther Chilton.

You’re so good with him, Cathy,” Sarah said, pausing outside the cat pen. Cathy looked up at the manager and smiled, before lowering her eyes once more to the adorable bundle of black fluff. Dear Morris. He’d come a long way. She gently stroked the soft fur, listening to the contented purr. 

“He’s not like this with anyone else, especially not prospective owners,” Sarah sighed. “He cowers in the corner and everyone wants the more confident cats. Poor love, he’s been here for months and months now. You’ve formed quite a bond with him. You should take him home.”

“I’d love to,” Cathy said. “But Rob says one cat is enough. I promised him that if I volunteered here, I wouldn’t bring one home.”

“One is an odd number. Two would be perfect,” Sarah said, a glint in her eye. Cathy laughed.It was a miracle really how Morris had survived. She remembered when she’d first seen him, pressed as far back into the pen as he could go. He was skin and bone, his fur all matted and dull, ears torn, and eyes lifeless. He’d been found in a house, along with lots of other cats. Tragically, some hadn’t lived, riddled with disease; others were like Morris, alive but simply existing. Most of the survivors had been placed with farms, too feral to come round to living in a home. But there had been something about Morris. He’d been given a chance. And no one wanted him.

A few hours later, Cathy left the cat shelter and drove home. Rain pattered against the windscreen and the wind was whipping itself up into a frenzy. A flash of lightning
shot across the sky. A storm. Was it a bad omen for what was to come? As she’d looked into those beautiful green eyes at the shelter, she’d made the decision to talk to Rob again as soon as she arrived home. 

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“No, Cathy. I’m sorry but it’s the same answer that I gave you before. I feel sorry for Morris. He’s clearly been through a tough time, but someone will walk in one day and he’ll be the perfect cat for them.” Rob pulled her into his arms. Tears welled up in the corners of her eyes as he kissed her head. “We were always only going to have one cat, weren’t we? It’s the expense too. Vets’ bills. Food. And you know money’s been tight since…”

Cathy nodded. “Since I lost my job. I know.”  

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