How can I enrich my cat's life?


17 August 2020
In Agria Pet Insurance’s latest video, Carolyn Menteith explains ways to seriously enrich a cat’s life – and it doesn’t take much to make a very big difference.

It’s all too easy for cat owners to forget that their affectionate, purring and, often lazy, feline is also an apex predator – perfectly capable of hunting their own food without any help.

So, to help them stay happy and healthy, they need an outlet for this hunting instinct – because that’s a huge part of who they are – and need to be. Without this, cats can become bored, lethargic and frustrated, often leading to a whole host of behaviour problems, including an increased desire to decimate the local wildlife population.

Luckily, it’s easy to help them express their natural behaviours of:

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  • Stalk, chase and catch
  • Food hunting and manipulation
  • Climbing and jumping
  • Safe observation

through games, feeding techniques and simple changes to their living areas.

Carolyn says, “By giving your cat a chance to indulge in their hard-wired, predatory behaviours, you’ll transform their lives. Not only will you be able to keep them healthier and happier, but you’ll be able to prevent many of the behaviour problems that so often arise from cats just not getting the chance to be cats.”

You can view the video from Agria Pet Insurance below.


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