How new connected products can help you understand your pet better


03 August 2018
We live in a hyper-connected world. Technology informs, empowers and links us. It drives our social networks and serves to strengthen relationships with those we love - including our pets. So, it’s no surprise developments in technology extend to our pets and aim to help us to better care for our furry friends.

From health and wellbeing, fitness and food, to physical and mental stimulation for pets, technology offers solutions to pet-related problems and helps us to connect with our pets more than ever before.

And with our lives busier than ever before, we can’t be with our pets 24/7, so it is becoming increasingly difficult for us to notice changes in our pets’ behaviour. These small changes could be a sign of illness or distress and over time, could lead to a bigger problem if left undetected.  With cats it is particularly difficult to notice when they are unwell as they can be very good at hiding their symptoms. Monitoring a pet’s behaviour over time can help us to notice changes which may indicate when a pet is unwell, much earlier than was previously possible.

Get to know your cat’s routines

Using a connected pet door such as the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door Connect and Microchip Cat Flap Connect enables pet owners to keep track of their cat’s comings and goings. When linked to an app, such as the Sure Petcare app, owners can monitor the amount of time a pet spends in and out of the house, how often they go out, and see changes in the patterns of behaviour over time.

Recent feedback from one of our Microchip Pet Door Connect customers showed that their cat would go out no longer than half hour at the same time each night.  On one occasion, the cat was outside for over two hours.  Noticing this change on her Sure Petcare app, the owner found on closer examination that her cat had indeed been in a fight and managed to get her to the vet, avoiding a costly bill if it had been left any longer.

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If your cat stays indoors for longer than usual, there might be a health reason they are feeling more lethargic or there could be a new cat on the block which is putting them off venturing outside.  

Pet feeding patterns

We know that many owners also want to learn more about their cats’ feeding patterns and the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder Connect, launching later in the year, will enable you to do this. When connected to the Sure Petcare app, you will be able to view data on the frequency, duration and times of feeding, as well as the amount that your cat has eaten. By gathering data of your cat’s feeding patterns over time, you will be able to easily spot any changes, which may indicate that they are feeling under the weather.

Taking action

Having these insights into your cat’s movements and feeding routines will give you peace of mind, as well as empowering you to take action early if you suspect that your cat is unwell.  

The power of these and other smart, connected pet products that are starting to come to market is that they enable to you understand the unique and changing needs of your cat, in order to provide them with the best care throughout their life

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