How to fit a microchip cat flap


12 May 2013
Photo: Tim's cat Barney looking through their old Staywell Magnetic 4 Way Locking Classic Cat Flap.In the Buyer's Guide to microchips, cat flaps and GPS tracking systems in the June issue of Your Cat magazine we feature the Microchip Petporte Smart Flap. Such cat flaps work with your pet's microchip allowing entry only to the cats programmed into the flap, keeping intruder cats out. Here, tester Tim Mytton takes us through his personal review and fitting guide.Our previous cat flap was a Staywell Magnetic 4 Way Locking Classic, which was operated by a magnet attached to our cats' collars. It was our second one in 14 years; the original one had to be replaced after another cat tried to enter and cracked the flap. Our previous cats had no
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