How to keep your cat calm in a thunderstorm


13 August 2015
Many pets become anxious and frightened of thunderstorms. The bangs and flashes outside must be very scary and strange to them, but there are some things you can do to help them to cope....
  • Keep your pets inside. Close doors, windows, and lock the cat or dog flap to avoid them getting outside where they're likely to get wet and even more scared.
  • Draw the curtains.
  • Play music with a repetitive beat to help mask the sounds.
  • Don't comfort or reassure your pets, even though it's tempting. They will feel your anxiety and so their fear will be rewarded and encouraged.
  • Never punish your pets. It's not their fault they 're scared and it adds to their anxiety.
  • Let cats hide where they like - do not try to tempt them out.
  • Don't pick up cats or restrain them if they are scared: cats prefer to control how they cope.

Wondering if your cat might be stressed out? Here are some signs of stress in cats...

  • Cowering and hiding behind or on top of furniture.
  • Trying to run away.
  • Soiling the house.
  • Refusing to eat.