How to keep your cat feline fine with Catit


20 December 2018
Cats are generally known for being low maintenance, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need a little TLC from time to time. Keeping your kitty happy and healthy is made easy with the help of Catit.

Catit understands that cats each have their own little quirks when it comes to feeding and drinking and have created a fabulous range of products to help encourage them.

We all love a treat from time and time and cats are no exception; so why not spoil your feline friend with a guilt free treat. Catit Creamy is a healthy and hydrating lickable cat treat that is packed with delicious high-quality ingredients, being high in meat content and rich in amino acids with a naturally creamylicious texture that your cat is sure to love! Available in three delicious flavours, Chicken & Liver, Salmon and Seafood varieties with a high proportion of quality meat protein and absolutely no derivatives. There’s many ways for cats to enjoy Catit Creamy; you can hand feed, you can use Catit Creamy as a topper on their dried food or simply serve it to them in their favourite dish.

If you’re looking to help your cat beat the bulge, then why not make them work for their food with the Catit Senses Food Tree. Simply add dry kibble or treats to the Food Tree so your cat can paw them down the levels one by one, slowing down eating and providing puss a challenge to get to their food! It provides 3 difficulty levels to keep even clever kitties entertained and is super easy to disassemble and clean.

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Keeping your cat hydrated is key to maintaining its health as regular drinking helps prevent urinary tract diseases. Cat owners are often surprised how little their cats drink, and that’s because cats love to drink running water. Clean fresh water is essential for your cat’s good health and if your cat doesn’t seem to drink from a bowl, consider providing a cat fountain. Catit drinking fountains encourage your cat to drink more as they provide your cat with fresh, running water and the three stage filter ensures your kitty’s water remains fresh, clear and free of minerals which can contribute to urinary tract disease.

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