How to keep your cat safe during colder weather


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19 January 2015
Despite their furry coats, cats which are accustomed to the warmth and comfort of a modern family home are very vulnerable to plunging temperatures and colder weather.To make sure your cat stays safe and happy during the harsh winter months, read the following advice:Keep your cat at homeIn general, it's advisable to keep your cat indoors when possible. This is where they are completely safe from the dangers that cold weather brings and can be kept safe and warm.Improve their dietHelp your cat naturally fortify their coat by making sure their diet has plenty of foods rich in essential fatty acids or give them supplements. It's also advisable to up their supply of protein to ensure their coat is as thick and healthy as possible.

Monitor their wellbeing

Ensuring your cat is fit and healthy is important throughout the year but especially when temperatures drop. Elderly cats are particularly at risk as they may suffer from arthritis - a condition which is exacerbated by the cold and which can make joints especially stiff or tender.

Take your cat to the vets for regular check-ups or if you think there is something wrong.

Keeping on top of regular grooming is also essential as matted fur can become less effective for insulating cats than well maintained coats and this could expose them to greater risks when outdoors.

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Keep antifreeze out of reach

Antifreeze is extremely dangerous when consumed by animals so take lots of care when using it. Remember to clean up any spills as cats may mistake it for water and try drinking it - particularly as supplies of water may freeze over in cold conditions and prevent cats from drinking from their regular sources.

You should ensure your cat has a fresh, clean supply of drinkable water at all times and be vigilant over the use of chemicals such as antifreeze. You may also want to look into products that contain propylene glycol rather than ethylene glycol as this can be dangerous too.

Be careful where you drive

Cats like to shelter under cars and vehicles during the cold so make sure you check that your car is completely cat-free before starting up your motor. Sometimes they can even be found sleeping under the hood so make sure you check here as well as under the chassis.

If you're a cat owner or there are cats living in your local area, be sure to bang on the hood of your car to move them away and be careful when you drive off to ensure no cats are close to the wheels.

Provide a winter bed for your cat

It's vital that your cat has a nice place to sleep that's warm and comfy on a cold night - make sure it's off the ground and not in the path of a draft.

If your cat spends lots of time outdoors, you should provide an equally comfortable bed somewhere in your garden. The shed is a good option here.

Put your cat's safety first with insurance

Make sure you have pet insurance!

While there are lots of things you can do to protect your cat from cold weather, you can't protect them against everything and that is why insurance is so important.

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