How to make sure your cat has the best vacation ever


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19 July 2022
Worried about traveling with your little feline buddy? We’ve covered everything you need to consider before taking the cat along on your trip.

Going on a family vacation and getting sad about leaving your cat? You can bring the kitty with you as long as the vet approves and your cat is comfortable.

Over the years, things have significantly improved to ensure our pets travel as safely and comfortably as the rest of our families. If you keep reading, you’ll even find a checklist that’ll help you keep track if things get overwhelming. 

Choosing The Right Destination

There are amazing resources available online to make the journey as smooth as possible for your kitten. You can do your online research to know more about cats and how to prepare them for a trip with you on sites such as Critter Tips. Before you delve into that, pick the perfect spot for your getaway. The first question is whether your cat can handle short-term travel to an entirely new location. It will be great if your cat has some experience adjusting to new places.

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The Ultimate Cat Travel Checklist

There are several things to consider if you want to take your kitten along with you on holiday. Here are the things you must do across the board, whether you travel via air, road, or water.

Invest In A High-Quality Cat Carrier

You need to make sure your cat is comfy throughout the journey, and there’s no better way than using a carrier. You could put your cat in the carrier and go on strolls or drives to ensure the kitty adjusts perfectly. It will also help your cat associate carriers with visits to the vet. 

Consult The Vet

While you will probably have to consult the vet for necessary travel documents, you should also discuss beforehand about how suitable the trip will be for your cat. They can also help you with medicines or tips and tricks to deal with an anxious or stressful cat.   

Pack Your Cat’s Favourite Treats

A cat with an empty stomach will definitely be grumpy! You must feed your cat correctly at the right times throughout the trip. Some of its favorite treats can distract it when the cat isn’t feeling too pleasant. 

Take Your Kitty’s Litter Box

Cats recognize their litter box. This small step can go a long way to assure your kitty. It will feel comforted in a strange new place when it gets to use its preloved and pre-approved litter box.  

Collect Vet and Emergency Healthcare Information

This is especially relevant if you think you will be visiting places where there may not be a mobile network available all the time. You should also set a reliable contact and a suitable payment method if an emergency occurs when you’re not present.   

Bring Your Feline Buddy’s Loved Trinkets

You need to keep your cat entertained on long travels, be it on a plane or train. Your cat will also feel sheltered and secure if it has its preloved toys to play with.  

Be Sure To Pack Cleaning Supplies

Cats can hold their pee for quite long; however, accidents happen, especially in unfamiliar scenarios. Therefore, it is always good to have necessary supplies within hand’s reach.

Remember To Enjoy

Cats can catch our anxiousness. So you need to ensure you don’t forget to take deep breaths and prepare to extend your patience to ensure a lovely vacation with your kitty. This is a well-deserved holiday; to make it lovely for your cat, you must first unwind and relax yourself. 

Are You Driving With Your Feline Companion?

You should make sure to never leave your cat alone in the car, especially if you’re driving through areas with high temperatures. You could also take your cat on shorter car rides to pleasant spots such as the park, so that it knows what to expect when you hop in on the day of the journey.

Choosing To Catch A Bus With Your Kitty?

At first, you must check with the company their regulations about traveling with pets. You could also try figuring out if your cat has motion sickness because the completely new environment of a bus can mean extra stress. Don’t forget the essentials such as a cat collar and your kitty’s ID.

Will You Ride A Train With The Cat?

Different trains have different rules about carrying pets, so you need to thoroughly find out about it. If your cat enjoys car rides, it doesn't need to also enjoy trains, or other public transport. Booking a cabin could be a good option so that your kitten has the liberty to explore the area and familiarise itself as much as possible. 

Is Flying Stressful For Cats?

Flying can be extremely stressful for some cats, especially if they are separated from you. You must remember that you are the person your pet trusts the most in this world; therefore, you must prepare well before boarding an airplane with your cat. You should arrive at the airport early on the day of the flight.

Can I Take My Cat On A Boat?

Cruising companies do not usually welcome cats on board. Ships may have confined areas where the pets can only roam. You must do thorough research to be sure that your furry friend will be allowed to travel with you. You may also have to book your tickets way earlier to make sure your kitten gets to travel with you.

If you wish to cherish a travel experience on a waterway, another option could be to take a ferry. There are many ferries which let you bring along your cat. 

The Bottom Line

We have covered the ins and outs of traveling with your kitty. You now know everything you need to ensure a cat-approved trip. Your vacations will be filled with purring, and you’ll enjoy life with your furry little critter. Happy travels!


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