How to save money on your cat litter with Natusan


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01 July 2022
With supermarket runs getting more expensive across the UK you might be wondering where to save some extra pounds every month - your cat litter might be an easy win when it comes to savings!

If you’re currently using non-clumping litter that needs daily or weekly tray changes, that’s an awful lot of litter to be getting through every month. With wood cat litter you can save money by reducing the amount of tray changes to a monthly occasion - and this is only one of the reasons why Natusan can actually save you money.

Besides the savings, there are plenty of things to love about Natusan cat litter: it is 100% natural and biodegradable, it’s kinder to the planet, it helps you to cut down on waste, and it’s great at trapping odours, to name just a few. But taking a closer look at how it can save you money - here are a few more reasons to switch your litter to Natusan:


One 10l bag of Natusan is enough to last one average sized cat for a whole month. Not only that, but Natusan’s tight clumping means you can go an entire month between full tray changes, dramatically cutting down on how much litter you need to use.

If you’re switching to Natusan from a non-clumping litter, you could use up to 65% less litter! That’s a huge reduction in waste, and a financial saving too. You can also use our waste calculator to find out exactly how much waste you could save by switching to Natusan cat litter.

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At Natusan, we offer discounts on bulk purchases, so whether you have multiple cats or you’re just stocking up, you can save up to £21.97 by ordering your cat litter in bulk. Take a look at our bulk pricing to see how much you could save.

Plus, buying in bulk means less individual deliveries, which is an environmental win too!


There’s another way to save, too. If you sign up to our convenient subscription service to get Natusan cat litter delivered to your door automatically, you’ll receive a 5% discount on every order.

You get to choose how often you receive deliveries, from every 2 weeks up to every 12 weeks—so you can benefit from bulk order discounts *and* get your subscription savings on top!

You can try our Subscribe & Save service without any risk, because you’re free to cancel at any time. No more lugging home heavy bags of litter, and saving money too? It’s a double win.

Get your first 10L bag of Natusan for only £5 with exclusive code YCNAT5. Limited time offer ends 23:59 31/07/2022

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