I Am Home donates over 5 million meals to homeless pets


01 June 2021
I Am Home, an initiative setup by pet food provider IAMS, has delivered over 1million meals to rescue centres each year since its launch in 2017.

The programme’s goal was to help nourish homeless pets’ hungry tummies in times of need, as well as support the rescue staff and volunteers.

The Covid pandemic has accelerated the demand for pets, with reports showing that since lockdown enquiries for rehoming pets has doubled. As such, behind the closed doors of rescue centres, the work provided by volunteers has multiplied. Raising funds has never been so challenging for staff, meaning receiving substantial IAMS food donations every month has given them an important lifeline.

Commenting on their involvement with I Am Home, Anna Stansfield, branch manager at Cheshire Dogs Home, says: “With 41 dogs at our centre, the food donations from IAMS have been invaluable. Our team works tirelessly to find our pets a loving and caring forever home, but it’s equally important that while they are here at the centre, we keep them healthy and happy and IAMS is helping us do that.”

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IAMS veterinary training manager Kellie Ceccarelli says: “By working closely with our charity partners we hope to raise awareness of the need for forever homes for the thousands of cats and dogs in need of love and affection.

“Adopting a pet can be an extremely rewarding experience and we want to celebrate that. Furthermore, we want to support the never-ending work carried out by rescue and rehoming centres across the country who look after these cats and dogs and help them find a loving home.”