Introducing kittens to chickens and other pets


15 August 2012
If you're adopting a new kitten the September issue of Your Cat magazine has all you need to know on introducing him to the family.First impressions really do count so it's important to get it right, whether he's meeting pet dogs, other cats or children.With an increasing number of people also keeping chickens we asked Juliette Jones, manager of cat welfare at Wood Green, The Animals Charity, for advice on introducing kittens to pets of the more feathered variety.She told us: "Usually kittens are scared of chickens due to the noise, size and the fact chickens will launch themselves at creatures such as squirrels, rabbits and cats that show too much of an interest, especially an overprotective cockerel during the breeding season."Some cockerels will even chase off dogs. Most chicken breeds are quite tough and inquisitive and the cat will soon learn i
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