Introducing the Lucky Cat Gift Set


31 March 2022
We have launched the very first Your Cat themed gift set - available on our shop now!

This set offers great value, and a perfect one-off gift box for any cat lover, or use the individual items as separate gifts!


What's included in the Lucky Cat Gift Set:

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  • Maneki Neko duel compartment bento box, with fork, spoon and elastic strap
  • Cat plush and gel eye mask to use either hot or cold
  • Maneki Neko Lucky Cat pencil case
  • Lucky Cat stationery set, including pencil, sharpener, rubber, ruler and mini notepad
  • Cat figure pencil holder
  • Lucky Cat compact mirror
  • Cat therapy colouring book
  • Webbox Lick-e-Licious

Get yours over on the Your Cat shop for just £19.99!