Keeping your cat calm in busier times


04 October 2021
From now until New Year, it is traditionally a busier time for you and your household, and with more people coming and going than normal, this will affect your cat too.

After the summer holidays with a full house, all of a sudden your cat s home alone with everyone back to work and school. Fast forward just a few short weeks and Halloween and fireworks parties are in full swing, and that’s pretty much on the agenda right through to New Year. Such change can be stressful for your cat.

What are the signs of stress?

Cats are very good at masking illnesses. However, when it comes to stress, there are a number of signs to help you identify when your kitty is not content.

  1. Scratching Furniture and Carpets: Cats like to keep their claws sharp, but if this just suddenly starts or is more frequent, it might be a sign that your cat is not happy.
  2. Urine Spraying. A typical territory trait and if this increases in frequency, it could be a big stress indicator.
  3. Hiding and withdrawing. If this is more than normal, you might need to review triggers in the home.  
  4. Changes in behaviour: Particularly aggressive or defensive patterns, from back arching to spitting and hissing, will be a big sign of distress.
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How can you help your kitty feel more at ease?

For a happy kitty, give them a safe space to retreat to. Combined with a pheromone product that contains Maternal Appeasing Pheromones, such as Beaphar CatComfort®, your cat should have peace of mind during this unsettling period. Beaphar CatComfort® is a simple and effective solution to reducing problem behaviour, such as furniture scratching and urine spraying in cats.

The Beaphar CatComfort® Calming Range has sprays, diffusers and more, giving you options for the best solution for your home.