Lockdown kittens are transformed one year on since being born in animal charity's care


25 March 2021
Four kittens who were born in RSPCA care just 24 hours after Boris Johnson announced that the country would be going into its first ever lockdown are now loving life in their forever homes.

As the RSPCA’s centres and branches closed their doors to the public (on Tuesday March 24, 2020), staff at the Mid Norfolk and North Suffolk branch had their hands full as cat Puma gave birth to four healthy kittens.

Her foster carer and animal welfare manager, Chloe Shorten, was on hand to help the young mum during her three-hour labour.

Anna Fehr-Foote, from the branch, said: “Puma was rescued from a multi-cat household and gave birth to two girls and two boys just after it was announced we were all going into lockdown to halt the spread of Coronavirus. None of us can believe that was a whole year ago!”

The branch held a naming competition for the kittens with lots of people suggesting adorable names for the young cats and many people were able to watch the kittens grow up as the branch regularly put updates on their social media channels.

The one-year-old kittens Ash, Cinder, Ember, and Coal as well as their mum Puma are now all in their forever homes after being adopted in May last year.

Ash and Cinder have settled in well.

Ash and Cinder were rehomed together to Jeremy Keller. He said: “They are such little characters and can often be seen patrolling the garden! Cinder follows us around during the day, in between her naps, she just wants to be wherever we are!”


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(L) Ember in her new home. (R) Coal enjoying life in his forever home.

Ember was adopted by new owner Taylor Cox, who said: “She has grown into a mischievous playful little cat and she loves a cuddle but only on her terms, however mornings are always cuddle time while she asks for breakfast. She loves playing with our other cat Poppy too and chases bouncy balls around the house with the children.” 

Coal was adopted by his owner Amy Perrin, who said: “He is a very handsome boy but can also be quite naughty! He wrecked the Christmas tree, loves to sleep in the sink and had real fun in the snow recently so he’s full of mischief!”

Puma is a wonderful addition to her new family.

Mum cat Puma is also settling in well into her new home after successfully caring for her kittens. Anna at the branch said: “Her new owner said that she is a wonderful addition to their family. She has a reputation for being the noisiest cat in the neighbourhood as she is always asking for attention and fuss with her loud meows and likes nothing better than a tickle under the chin. 

“She is a very playful and lively little character who will chase balls, pens, string and play with your hair. She recently won first prize in the Norfolk County Council Looked After Children's Pet Show for being the friendliest pet after her owners sent in a video of her playing with a bookmark and nearly falling off the bed. She has very much enjoyed having the children all at home and 'helping' with their home learning and her new owners said they couldn't love her anymore, she has won a forever place in their hearts - and ours!”

The RSPCA Mid Norfolk and North Suffolk branch is an independent charity and like most charities the last year has been particularly hard.

To help support them to continue to care for animals just like Puma and her kittens please visit: www.rspcanorwich.org.uk/donate 

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