Meet the cheeky Instagram pair Patrick and Norma!


15 August 2018
We speak to owner Amy Walton, from Exeter, to find out more about cheeky Instagram pair Patrick and Norma...

Fact file

  • Instagram name: @patrickcatson
  • Fan base: Over 60,000.
  • Age: Patrick is almost two; Norma has just turned one.
  • Favourite treat: Patrick loves vegetables and tuna; Norma loves anything she’s offered!
  • Favourite thing to do: Chase each other, play flight, or cuddle.
  • Favourite toy: Patrick loves to play with his bed (which he has never slept in), and Norma loves her catnip mouse!

Q) How did you first meet Patrick and Norma?

A) “My partner and I bought our first house and decided we needed a cat. Patrick was the only kitten we went to visit, and knew instantly that he was the one! As a house cat, we decided he could do with some company, so I undertook a lot of research to determine if there was a breed which would suit his personality.

We decided an Abyssinian would be best, as they’re known for their energetic behaviour. We went to meet Norma — she was the biggest, most boisterous of the three so we knew she was the one for us!”

Q) You have over 60,000 followers on Instagram! Why are they so popular?

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A) “Our account has always focused on the silly and naughty antics of both of the cats. They have such big personalities and are always up to mischief — I think it’s this that keeps people entertained!”

Q) You say they both have big personalities; how else would you describe them?

A) “Both Patrick and Norma are very loving and cuddly half the time, and total nuisances the rest of the time (I wouldn’t change this for the world!) Patrick is quite needy and attached to us; Norma is more independent, but loves to be cuddled, especially when she has just woken up!

They are both very inquisitive, intelligent, and interactive — I can’t do anything in the house without them!”

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