Natusan Cat Litter Benefits: The Three C’s


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03 September 2021
Natusan explains the three benefits of their cat litter...


There’s nothing worse than when a ‘little’ wee gets pushed all around the tray by our fastidious feline friends. With clumping litter, the waste is contained in tight clumps that are simple to remove with a scoop.

Clumping cat litter is highly absorbent and designed in a way that each time your cat uses their tray, firm clumps are formed which can be easily removed.

You’ll notice that when using a clumping litter, you’ll remove only some of the litter itself meaning that every so often you’ll need to add new litter to the tray to ensure you maintain a consistent base layer - around two inches deep. 

Clumping litter also helps to prevent lingering odours. Its high absorbency and ability to clump when coming into contact with liquid encases the waste, trapping unpleasant smells. In testing when compared to 14 other natural clumping litters, Natusan came out top with 40% better odour control. And because of it’s brilliant clumping qualities, you’ll need much less of Natusan overall, meaning one 10L bag should last one average indoor Cat one whole month!

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Natusan worked hard to find the best litter for your cat and the environment. After exploring lots of options and testing different materials, Natusan chose compostable, organic clumping litter made from natural wood fibres as opposed to conventional litter made from synthetics, minerals or vegetables. 

Natusan clumping litter is made from 100% PEFC-certified, recycled wood materials, a by-product of the timber industry meaning no additional trees are felled in the making. Not only is it 100% biodegradable, but it's also highly absorbent and clumps each time your cat uses their tray.
To ensure Natusan’s very good clumping performance we add a small amount of another one of nature’s miracles: a natural hydrocolloid. This is a natural glue activated by moisture, making sure that the granules stick to each other when they get wet.


Not only is Natusan the best option for cat owners for litter quality, it is also super convenient. With Natusan’s easy subscription service you will no longer need to lug heavy bags of litter or make last-minute trips to the pet store. Natusan delivers your litter directly select your frequency and cancel at any time! If you’d rather purchase your litter as and when you like, you can do that too via

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