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22 February 2023
Whether your cat spends all or some of his time indoors, behaviourist Clare Hemington’s insightful advice will help you make the most of your cat’s time and resources at home.

Here you can read all about how to keep indoor cats stimulated and entertained. Of course, all cats — whether they have outdoor access or are indoor-only — need their own resources. These include food and water stations, indoor toilet facilities, beds, toys, high-up places, hiding places, and, of course, you, their owner.

Inside you'll find tips and advice on:

Food & water: there are ways of offering food and water that can help benefit your cat's health and behaviour.

The power of play: Play is one of the most important aspects of our cats’ welfare, so let’s make sure we’re getting it right!

Opportunities to scratch: When targeted at your furniture, scratching can be highly frustrating. Help redirect your kitty’s claws…

Reaching new heights: Cats have an innate desire to be up high — but how can you accommodate this in your home?

A taste of the outdoors: Whether you live in a bijoux apartment or a palatial pad, there should be no reason not to turn your house cat into a jungle tiger.

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Toileting the right way: If you get the litter tray set-up right, it will keep your cat content and prevent unwanted accidents.

Night night, sleep tight: Tips for making sure your kitty achieves the deep, restorative sleep they need for their health and well-being.

Access all areas: How you can maximise the space in your home to accommodate your kitty’s complex territorial needs.

Cats in a flap: The advantages and disadvantages of cat flaps.

Cats undercover: Why cats hide, the reasons you should let them do it, and the different ways we can help them achieve anonymity should they wish.

Plant power: How cat-friendly plants can enrich your cat’s environment.

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