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14 March 2023
Ever wondered if you can teach your cat tricks? Our latest collection walks you through six simple tricks that you can teach your cat which will not only enhance your cat's practical skills, but help to strengthen your bond!

Does your cat wake you up in the middle of the night? Steal socks? Shred loo rolls? Climb the curtains? Or perhaps, you have the opposite problem and share your home with a scaredy cat who cowers under the sofa and trembles through trips to the vet’s.


If so, Julie Posluns, animal behaviourist and founder of the Instagram famous Cat School, believes that teaching your cat fun and practical skills is a great way to strengthen your bond. She claims that a few minutes of trick training your cat each day could help you to overcome some of the most common behavioural problems. As an added bonus, she says your cat will be happier and more active — and training is a fun way to bond with your cat.


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Inside our Trick Training collection, you’ll learn how to:


  • Teach your cat to fist pump
  • Teach your cat to go into their cat carrier
  • Teach your cat to high five
  • Teach your cat the target stick method
  • Teach your cat to jump through your arms
  • Teach your cat to ring a bell


Trick Training is available exclusively on the Your Cat Membership. For just £2.50 you get access to:

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