One-eyed cat finds new forever home


09 June 2022
A one-eyed kitten has found a new home after coming into Blue Cross’ care “petrified with a painful ruptured right eye.”

Image above: Candy Cane in her new home.

Vets found tabby kitten Candy Cane in a lot of pain, which led to them having to remove her eye to help her feel more comfortable.

Foster carer Wendy Penfold, from Kent, provided round-the-clock foster care to Candy Cane at her home as she recovered from the operation and to help build her confidence.

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Wendy says: “When Candy came to me, she’d lost her trust in humans and was very nervous. She would run and hide when I’d come into the room, but by the end of her time with me, she became more inquisitive to know what I’m doing and staying in the same area as me.

“After the first week of hardly moving from her hiding hole, she discovered the benefits of the tall cat climber in her run where she was out of reach and could watch everything going on at a safe distance.”

Candy Cane has now been happily rehomed with a couple in Hampshire who understand her needs. Wendy says: “Candy’s new owners are happy to give her the space and time to see how far she can settle in a family home. They understand she may never be a lap cat, but want to love her and let her know this is a safe place for her.”

Sarah Miller, animal welfare assistant at Blue Cross Hertfordshire, says: “Wendy has done an amazing job for Candy Cane and even though steps might seem small, they have been huge for her. We hope that overtime she will build up a relationship and trust with her new owners.