Pet Detectives tame Storm Dennis to find Tiny!


27 February 2020
Animal Search UK team reunite lost cat with owner during torrential storm...

A recent case saw Tiny, a small and timid black cat with a stumpy tail go missing, completely out of character and owner Aimee was distraught. The situation was made worse as Storm Caira had just passed and we were about to be hit by Storm Dennis, so the search team had a window of a day to try and investigate where Tiny had gone.

The search day arrived and so did Dennis, the rain was pelting down and the wind was blowing in gusts of 70mph, not ideal when looking for a small back cat.

The team, made up of Andrew and Ben set out, the conditions were dreadful and it was forecast to get worse. Both Andrew and Ben split their time between speaking to residents, handing out leaflets, and searching the local area for any signs of Tiny.

There were a few sightings from residents, but it was realised there was another cat in the area that was small, black, and had part of it’s tail missing, which made the search even more difficult.

The search aims to jog memories, but most importantly, makes anyone aware who has ‘taken in’ a new homeless cat, that it is in fact an owned cat. A ‘feeder’ may well see the campaign and stop feeding, meaning the cat returns home, alternatively if the cat has been locked in a shed, garage, or outhouse, key holders may well investigate and the cat escapes or is found inside.

Aimee was worried sick and was preparing for the worst, “It’s the not knowing and feeling helpless, that’s the worst, I just wish I could do more, the search team are doing an incredible job but the weather is just awful, I really feel for them.”

Thankfully, the very next day the Animal Search call centre received a call from a local resident, who was sure she had seen Tiny. The team then rang Aimee, and by way of a three way call, details were given and Aimee was armed with the information as to the potential whereabouts of Tiny.

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A little over three hours later, Aimee was cuddling Tiny. She was slightly injured on her back leg, was a little underweight, and very hungry. Both Aimee and Tiny were delighted and hugely relieved. The search team had managed to raise awareness so that the witness saw Tiny, rang the emergency animal hotline, and reunited Tiny with Aimee.

Andrew and Ben are delighted, as Aimee was distraught for much of the search period, to be able to bring such a happy resolution is a brilliant outcome.

Searches are a powerful and effective way to raise awareness, and can help to bring the community together to find a lost pet. Tiny is now thriving at home, and Aimee firmly believes the hard work of the Animal Search UK team brought about a really happy ending.

Animal Search UK

Animal Search UK are the only organisation to call when your pet goes missing. Their Missing Pet Search Team are ready at a moment’s notice should you need trained investigators to reunite you with your pet.

You can register for free on their website:

They also provide professionally designed publicity campaigns to suit all budgets, as well as working with most pet insurance companies.

Their emergency animal hotline is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For more information, visit the Animal Search UK website. They have also recently launched a podcast on iTunes and Spotify, search for Animal Search UK 'The Pet Detectives podcast' to listen.

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