Popular cat café turn to crowdfunding to help launch new cat products


05 November 2020
Kitty Café have turned to crowdfunding to help them launch their two brand-new cat products. Check them out, and see how you can help...

Kitty Café is a cat café and cat rescue that rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes cats with three locations across the UK. In these difficult times we have been hit hard and, in order to survive, we have been looking to take our concept online and create fantastic new products with our wealth of cat knowledge! We are turning to crowdfunding to help us launch these products to the kitty loving world.

Currently we have two live projects designed for, and tested by our cats, that we think will make fantastic stocking fillers when Santa Paws arrives next month.

CatFish is your fussy feline's new best pal. Simply fill it up with your furry friend’s favourite snacks or put some catnip inside for a simple energetic boost, and watch your cat have hours of fun. It is designed to take care of your cat’s gum health as well – small bumps at the top of the product are there to clean the tongue and teeth, preventing gum inflammation or gingivitis.

With only four days to go you can support it here: www.kickstarter.com/projects/kittycafecatfish

Puzzle Paws is a treat dispenser designed to tap into your kitty’s instincts and 'hunt' for their treats. Hours of fun wrapped up into a cute little ball in a variety of colours. Designed to eliminate boredom, your cat will be so focused they won't even realise how much exercise they have done!

Support the campaign here: www.indiegogo.com/projects/puzzle-paws-a-puzzle-for-your-purrfect-puss

Now your kitty is sorted, why not check out www.kittycafeshop.co.uk for kitty related gifts and treats for hoo-mans, including some rather funky cat face masks!