Product review: ‘Best Cat Mum’ box from Gus & Bella


25 February 2020
As many of us cat lovers will agree, we don’t just think of our cats as our pets, but they are our fur babies, and that’s why, with Mother’s Day fast approaching, Gus & Bella Box are celebrating cat mums with their special ‘Best Cat Mum’ box.

Product Review by Laura Wright and her cat, Eponine (Epi).

The first thing I noticed when opening up this month’s colourful box, was the large tub of ‘Grow your own cat grass’ from My Cat Grass. This is something I’ve never used before, so I’m excited to get growing, and see if Epi likes it. The tub states that the grass is organic spelt wheat grass, and can improve hydration and assist with hairballs, which is great, as Epi is an indoor cat.

Also for the cat, there are a two packs of Arden Grange grain-free cat food in Light and Sensitive, a packet of HiLife it’s only natural treats (these are a favourite), and this month, there’s a fantastic surprise bonus item – a Jolly Moggy cat tunnel from Rosewood!

We’ve certainly got one spoilt kitty this month, but I’m also feeling pretty spoilt myself (it is Mother’s Day after all). Inside the box there are four treats for me, including a cute ‘Mother of Cats’ keyring, and if you’re a Game of Thrones fan like me, you’ll definitely appreciate this.

There’s also a cute customised Gus & Bella Box candle, which comes in one of four uplifting scents: Creme Brulee, Pomegranate and White Fig, Vanilla and Yling Ylang, and Oriental Locus & Rose, and a yummy little bag of heart-shaped chocolates*.  

Personally, I think the sweetest product inside the box for me is the cute ‘Happy Cat Mum Day’ card, created by Pickle and Nancy. Would it be weird to send this to myself from the cat? Well, I’m probably going to do it anyway!

Overall, I think that this adorable subscription box is a great gift for any cat mum, or cat dad (as they’ll also tailor the box to cat dads), of any age. Plus, there will also be a Golden Ticket in one lucky subscriber's box this month, and if you find it, you’ll win a custom pet portrait by Precious Pet Art!

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Try out your own

Visit the Gus & Bella website and use the discount code YOURCATMAG10 at the checkout, which will give you 10% off One-Off Gift Boxes, including the ‘Best Cat Mum’ Box – the purrfect special gift for Mother’s Day!

Or use the discount code YOURCATMAG25 to receive 25% off your first subscription box, which is easy to cancel or modify at any time - enjoy!

The Facts

Pre-order your own ‘Best Cat Mum’ box:

Buy from:

Cost: Monthly subscription is £26.95 + £2.95 postage.

Comes with: A mixture of gifts for both you and your cat to enjoy.

CLICK HERE to join the Gus & Bella mailing list, where you can find out more about their cat and human subscription boxes.

*Please keep the chocolates out of reach of any nosy cats!

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