Product review: ‘Feline Spooky’ box from Gus & Bella


01 October 2020
I always look forward to a Halloween-themed subscription box, as I know it’ll be full of black cat treats. What can I say? I’m slightly biased! This month, the Gus & Bella Box is aptly named ‘Feline Spooky’, and is the brand-new edition for 2020, after last year’s extremely popular Halloween box.

Product Review by Laura Wright and her cat, Eponine (Epi).

Inside, you’ll find three lovely gifts for the owner, and a whopping seven gifts for the cat. Included within the treats for you, you’ll find an ever-so-soft and snuggly pair of black cat slippers from Sockshop. I don’t know if you’re like me, but I love a pair of slippers in the Autumn/Winter seasons, and cannot wait to put these on!

There’s also a Halloween chocolate lolly, made by Hames Chocolates, and a black scaredy cat postcard by Innabox Design. Chocolate is always welcome, and I’m planning to pin the postcard to my work desk at home.

The items for the cat include, a Catit treat ball, which I am looking forward to trying out with Epi, as the box states it provides your cat with fun and exercise, as with her being an indoor cat, I’m always looking for new ways to help keep her entertained. Then there’s a rather funky looking Halloween catnip kicker toy, handmade in the UK by Etsy seller, Stantons Chums, two packs of Edgard Cooper dry food and a pouch of their wet food.

Plus, the box also includes Webbox tasty treat sticks, which are always a favourite in this household, and some True Hemp Treats by True Leaf Pet UK, which Epi has never had before, so I’m sure we’ll both look forward to her trying these ones out.

As most of us know, black cats are often over looked, as people still believe that they bring bad luck, so it's great that in the month of October we can celebrate our beautiful mini panthers, and show them just how much they are loved.

Overall, I think this box has a great selection of treats for you and your cat, and is the purrfect spooky box for any cat lover, but especially for one who is partial to a black kitty, or two.

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The Facts

Pre-order your own ‘Feline Spooky’ box:

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Cost: Monthly subscription is £29.90 + FREE delivery.

Comes with: A mixture of gifts for both you and your cat to enjoy.

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