Product review: Maya Nook luxury indoor cat house


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30 May 2019
We were happy to test out the new Maya Nook luxury indoor cat house from Omlet.

On test: The Omlet Maya Nook cat house

Tester: James Buzzel and his two cats – six-year-old Dash and one-year-old Binx.

Three large packages arrived at home with full instructions to construct Omlet’s latest cat house, the Maya Nook. It took some time to put together, as ours also has the integrated ‘wardrobe’ (sold separately), so effectively it’s two flat-packed items attached together. Time was delayed, too, as the cats wouldn’t leave us alone, somehow knowing this new piece of furniture was for them!

How you use the Maya Nook is really up to you. As a standalone item (and if space permits), this cat house looks great and adds a contemporary feel to any room. For us, we’re using it as a television stand and it’s subtle ideas like this that turns a home with a cat into a home for a cat!

Furniture with an active use for our cats – perfect! It’s looks great, fits in well with the style of our living room, and conveniently, is the ideal height for the TV.

But more importantly, how do the cats feel about their new area? They absolutely love it. I can’t keep them out. I’ve not caught them both in it at the same time, usually one resides on the corrugated card ‘sunbed’ near the window, whilst the other is tucked away inside the Maya Nook.

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The bed area is plenty big enough for the largest of cats and the curtains (additional extra) complete both a stylish look and a den-like feel for a cat to feel safe and secure. The creators, Omlet, also sell bespoke cat beds to fit inside the Nook, but you can use any bed… the Omlet one, however, has gone down extremely well and both Dash and Binx approve!

Officially, the wardrobe attached is sold as use for cat food, brushes, toys etc., and would be ideal for such products, ensuring you have all your cat items in one tidy place. With ours doubling as living room furniture, we’re storing ‘human’ items (console games, DVDs etc.) – it’s a neat addition to have and depending on how you’d use your Nook, it can offer multiple purposes.

We’re really pleased with our Maya Nook. It’s a great cat house offering excellent quality that will last a lifetime of cat ownership.

For more information, visit the Omlet website.

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Overall result


  • A high quality, contemporary piece of furniture.
  • Will last a lifetime.
  • Most importantly, the cats love it.


  • Not the cheapest options for a cat bed – but then it’s not just a cat bed.
  • Not easy to construct.
  • Space needed.
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