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09 May 2022
When I received one of each of the My Cat Grass Grow Your Own Kits I was intrigued to see how easy the grow your own process would be, as I don’t personally have green fingers, but the clear instructions that came with the kits had me at ease.

Product Review by Laura Wright and her cat, Eponine (Epi).

The My Cat Grass Grow Your Own (GYO) Cat Grass Kits are available in a range of flavours including: Organic Barley, Organic Oat, Organic Spelt Wheat, and Alfalfa Grass, and I was tasked with growing all four.

The kits came with simple instructions, and after soaking them overnight, the next day I spread each pack of seeds onto the soil and watered them. Then each following day, I sprayed the four sets of seeds with water, ensuring the seeds and soil were moist, using the handy spray bottle provided.

All of the grass started sprouting around day five, and were fully grown by day eight (quicker than I’d expected), ready for Epi to try them out. She straight away had a curious sniff around each, then decided she preferred the wheat and barley grass, chomping away at the long, green blades.

With the My Cat Grass Cat Grass Kits, you too can grow premium-quality, organic certified soil and seeds cat grass at home. These 1-litre pots filled with organic and vegan certified soil have all the nutrients and minerals your cat grass seeds need to keep on growing for up to three weeks! Plus, I can confirm that this is true, as the grass is still fine coming up to three weeks. 

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The Cat Grass usually grows within 9-10 days, and can be ordered in multiples of two or three to grow further kits 10 days apart, ensuring a continuous supply of fresh Cat Grass.

I think the GYO Cat Grass Kits are a nice way to treat your cat, and are perfect for those green fingered cat lovers who want to put the time in to grow a tasty, organic, healthy snack for their feline friends. There are also numerous benefits to cat grass, such as helping to deal with furballs, preventing constipation, and encouraging water intake.

But don't worry, if growing your own cat grass isn’t for you, My Cat Grass also offer Ready Grown Cat Grass delivered straight to your door!

The Facts

Buy from:

Cost: Grow Your Own Kits: £5.99 per kit; Grow Your Own Kits subscription: £10.99 per month (for two kits)

Other options:

Ready Grown Cat Grass Tray – monthly subscription: £15.00 (regular); £18.99 (large)

Ready Grown Cat Grass Pots – monthly subscription: £15:00 (for four pots)

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