Product review: My Cat Grass Ready Grown Cat Grass


06 April 2020
As my cat is an indoor cat, I’ve always wondered as to whether she’s missing out on experiencing some of the outdoor luxuries, such as grass. So, the Ready Grown Cat Grass from My Cat Grass seemed like the perfect solution.

Product Review by Laura Wright and her cat, Eponine (Epi).

The cat grass arrived promptly and packaged well, in a sealed box labelled ‘fragile’. When unpacking the grass from the box, I noticed that alongside the grass and clear instruction leaflet, there were also a couple of little gifts for the cat – which I wasn’t expecting, and she was very happy about.

I unpacked each of the four freshly grown pots of grass, and put them into the individual holders that came with the Cat Grass Station, set this all up as it should be, and gave each pot of grass a spray of water (as per the instruction leaflet).

A couple of minutes later, Epi went roaming over and started to have a good look at the cat grass, gave each pot an intrigued sniff, then without any hesitation, went on to start nibbling away – success, she loved it!

We’ve had the cat grass for over a week now, and Epi has enjoyed having a little taste of the outdoors each day. The grass has gone down a bit, but it’s still looking very fresh and green.

I think that My Cat Grass Ready Grown Cat Grass is a fantastic idea, especially if you have an indoor cat, as they won’t be missing out on what the outdoors has to offer, plus, this type of grass is much healthier for them. I was also very surprised to hear that there are so many benefits of cat grass, such as helping to deal with furballs (which we have being trying to help Epi with for a while now), preventing constipation, and encouraging water intake.

You can make a one-off purchase of Ready Grown Cat Grass, and it will be delivered to you by overnight delivery, arriving within the next two days, or there is also an option to have a Ready Grown Cat Grass subscription, which comes in three different options, all at reasonable prices.

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I would definitely recommend My Cat Grass Ready Grown Cat Grass, as what could be easier than getting a fresh product delivered directly to your door? There’s no need to spend time growing your own and having to wait until it’s ready (although, they do also sell Grow Your Own Cat Grass Kits and Premium Cat Grass Seed Pouches), and your cat is sure to enjoy it, as it's in their natural instincts to eat grass.

Plus, the added option of the Cat Grass Station is a great idea to serve your cat grass without the spills, trip hazards, and digging. It looks modern, and is available in a range of classic and contemporary colours – so will easily suit any home…

Try out your own

Visit the My Cat Grass website and use the discount code YourCat at the checkout, which will give you 20% off your first order (non subscription orders) or use the discount code Yourcatsubscription to get 20% off all subscription products.

The Facts

Buy from:

Cost: Ready Grown Cat Grass – monthly subscription: £9.99

Other options:

  • Ready Grown Cat Grass – overnight delivery: £15.00
  • Ready Grown Cat Grass – every other month subscription: £11.99
  • Ready Grown Cat Grass – every three months subscription: £13.99

Extras: My Cat Grass Station: £34.99 

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