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18 June 2021
A customisable cat gift box full of goodies for you and your cat you say? One that can be purr-sonally tailored to your cat’s specific tastes and needs? James and his cats Binx and Uma review the UK’s first customisable Cat Gift Boxes, from One Happy Cat.

One Happy Cat offer One-Off, Give-As-A-Gift and Subscription Boxes to cat lovers with six to eight items, and with the monthly subscription option, you’ll receive a new themed box every month.

The best part is the boxes are fully customised by you, for you and your cat. You can customise the box on the One Happy Cat website by;

  • Cat owner’s name and gender – to receive appropriate owners gifts
  • Cats Name and Gender – to receive gender appropriate products
  • Cats’ Age, Date of Birth and life-stage – to receive age appropriate products and birthday cards (subscribers)
  • Cats’ coat type – for grooming products that match your cats coat type
  • Cats’ food and treat preferences – select only the flavours your cat likes
  • Cat’s activity level – to encourage your cats activity at their pace
  • Cat’s life-style – products to suit free roaming, garden, catio or indoor cats

So, it’s a great gift box for friends and family, cat dads and anyone wanting to get more out of their Cat Gift box as all the items included in the box are curated specifically for your cat.

Just some of the products on offer include owners gift, toys, treats, food samples, grooming products, health, care and well-being products, cat toileting, feeding, bedding accessories and recently launched products.

Our gift box on review consisted of a variety of top-quality items for both me and my two cats - from Webbox Lick-a-Licious cat treats, IAMS cat food, pouches of Encore food, cat grass, an exciting catnip toy, laser pointer toy, cat milk, on top of a reusable coffee cup and a house sign for us.

As with all cats, both Uma and Binx love boxes and when they saw the box arrive, which smelled suspiciously like some of their favourite treats, they got stuck in straight away and tried to paw open the Webbox treats within seconds!

I’ll look forward to growing my own cat grass, as I’m sure Uma and Binx will too! The Cat food and treats were all age appropriate and their favourite flavours as I selected this for them too.

The box was a great design, and we loved the way it was so environmentally friendly. All the packaging is made from recycled material and can either be re-used or recycled again.

As fans of Cat Gift Boxes will know, there’s not many things in life as exciting as seeing the postman walking up the drive with a fresh batch of treats to deliver to you, and I’m sure cats will start to feel the same as soon as they see their One Happy Cat boxes arrive - I certainly was!

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Try out your own

Customise your own Gift Box, One Off Box or Subscription box by visiting the One Happy Cat website and use the discount code YourCat20 at the checkout, which will give you 20% off your first box.

The Facts

Choose from the range of One Happy Cat Gift boxes:

Order from:


Monthly subscription is £29.99 including free UK delivery!

One-Off Cat Gift Box £32.99 including free UK delivery!

Give-As-A-Gift Box is £34.99 with One Happy Cat Gift wrap and personalised Greeting Card including free UK delivery!

Comes with: A mixture of customisable cat themed products suited to both you and your cat. A new theme each month.

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