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21 April 2020
In these uncertain and anxious times, I was over the moon to open my front door and find my latest Gus and Bella Box waiting on the door step. This month’s theme is pawsitivity, and I think everyone needs some of that right now!

Product Review by Laura Wright and her cat, Eponine (Epi).

After spending the past few weeks within the boundaries of my house and garden, this delivery was a welcome surprise. As I opened up the box and undid the packaging, I saw the colourful Rainbow Yeowww Catnip toy, which I thought was the perfect fit for this month's box, as the rainbow has been such a symbol of hope and positivity throughout the past weeks.

The other products that really stood out to me were the ‘Keep Calm and Colour Cats’ colouring book, which I think is perfect for relieving any stress or anxiety, and a nice way to spend your time getting your creativity flowing, the cute ‘Be the person your cat thinks you are’ postcard which I am going to put on my desk at home as that little daily reminder, and a tube of the award-winning Dr PAWPAW hair, skin, and lip balm – a great idea to include, as us humans deserve some pampering as well, paw-style!

For the cat owner, there is also a handy Simon's Cat water bottle, branded ‘Feline Good’ which I have already been using around the house to encourage my water intake, but would also be perfect for taking with you on your daily exercise.

As well as the rainbow catnip toy, for the cat there are multiple products from Scrumbles, including a pack of their all-natural anti-hairball treats, two packets of dry food, and tuna and salmon wet food, all of which are hypoallergenic, grain-free, high protein, and all-natural – Epi is definitely in for a tasty treat, as I know she loves the anti-hairball treats, so I’m not sure which one to try out next.

The final product for the cat is something I’ve never seen before, and didn’t even know existed, and that’s catnip play bubbles from King Catnip. These bubbles are safe and non-toxic and certainly look like a fun way to enhance your cat's environment. They create an interactive game for both the cat and the owner, which will keep you both entertained while you’re spending more time at home. I tried the bubbles out on Epi, and she seemed pretty unsure of them at first – but she is a scaredy-cat!

Overall, I think that with everything going on right now, this box brings some much-needed positive vibes and will put a smile on many people’s faces. It’s the perfect antidote for keeping yourself and your cat entertained, whilst staying indoors and social distancing.

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The Facts

Pre-order your own ‘Pawsitivity’ box:

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Cost: Monthly subscription is £26.95 + £2.95 postage.

Comes with: A mixture of gifts for both you and your cat to enjoy.

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