Product review: ‘Santa Paws 2020’ box from Gus & Bella


18 November 2020
As we approach the final month of a very stressful and unsettling year, I think everyone deserves a little bit of happiness. This year's Santa Paws box from Gus & Bella is the purrfect present for cat lovers and their cats, and will certainly put a smile on yours, or a loved ones face. 

Product Review by Laura Wright and her cat, Eponine (Epi).

There are so many treats for your cat this month! The first thing I noticed was this cute, metallic gingerbread feather teaser toy. Epi loves playing with these, and they are perfect for interacting with your cat and helping them burn off some energy. Then there’s a catnip motif cushion, in a Christmas design, by 4cats – these little toys are great to have around the house for playtime, and can be used for a game of fetch (although Epi hasn’t quite mastered that), can be chased, or used as a kicker toy.

Moving onto the food inside the box. There’s a large, very generous sized box of Natural dry food from Harringtons, and a festive range of natural food and treats from Webbox. I’m going to save the festive mousse with Turkey for Epi to eat on Christmas Day, and I’m sure the Tasty Sticks with Turkey and Cranberry will be enjoyed throughout December.

The other treat from Webbox is a packet of five sachets of Lick-E-Lix Cream (also with Turkey and Cranberry), which I'm looking forward to trying out on Epi, as she’s never had these before, and with no added sugar or artificial flavours, they will hopefully receive approval!

Now on to the gifts for us… There’s a pair of Christmas-themed cosy slipper socks from the Sockshop (who doesn’t love a fleecy pair of socks in the cold months?!), a cute felt cat head bauble decoration from Sass & Belle, and a lovely Simon’s Cat tea towel, which I will definitely being using during December (I may have already unpacked it and put it in the kitchen).

Lastly, there’s something which we have all had to become accustomed to wearing this year, and that’s a face mask. The non-medical Feline Fine cat-themed Facemask is patterned with little cartoon cats, alongside Christmas themed items such as gingerbread men and Christmas puddings. The straps can also be adjusted, which is useful, and is guaranteed to spread the Christmas cheer if you’re out doing your weekly essentials shop.

Overall, I feel that this year's Santa Paws box from Gus & Bella is well worth the money, and will make a fantastic, thoughtful present for a cat-loving friend or family member, or a purrfect Christmas pick-me-up for yourself (and your cat, of course).  

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The Facts

Pre-order your own ‘Santa Paws 2020’ box:

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Cost: Monthly subscription is £29.90 + FREE delivery.

Comes with: A mixture of gifts for both you and your cat to enjoy.

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